Markedskraft is a knowledge specialist in the European power market. Having pioneered the market for nearly 30 years, we offer deep insights and understanding of the power industry. We define ourselves as a specialized knowledge company, covering risk- and portfolio management services.
Our mission is to create customer value by understanding the fundamental drivers of the power market, thereby providing our customers with unique basis for critical decision-making. We pride ourselves in being the only independent service provider who can assist throughout the entire value chain including advisory services, risk management, financial portfolio management and physical handling and settlement. We also offer investors capital management within power derivatives.

Markedskraft operates as a neutral service provider between our clients and the marketplace. One of our core strengths is being transparent, thereby guaranteeing that we always act in the best interest of our customers. This commitment is reflected in our governance practices as well as in our company values.

As Markedskraft is MiFID licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority it serves as a reassurance to our clients that their interests are being managed in an utmost professional manner within the strict legal framework accompanying the MiFID license.
Since the company was established in 1992 Markedskraft has played a pivotal role in the development of the Nordic power market.

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience Markedskraft is today an innovative and proactive participant in the ongoing transformation of the European power market. We believe there is a considerable untapped potential for increased market efficiency and our ambition is to drive industry efficiency through continuous development of our portfolio management services.

Today Markedskraft serves clients in the Nordic countries from our offices in Norway (Arendal and Oslo), Sweden (Stockholm), Denmark (Aarhus), Helsinki and Kankaanpää (Finland).